Kundelungu Mines appoints international agent

Kundelungu Mines has partnered with Simba Resources, a United Kingdom based and Africa-focussed mining and minerals brokerage company.

Simba Resources acts as the sole EU, USA, and UAE mandate for Kundelungu Mines and specializes in brokering the sale of gold doré bars, rough diamonds and various precious minerals including Tanzanite. 

The company has experience in brokering international commodity contracts and finds investment for African small to large-scale mining operations. It also manages contracts for sales of mining concessions, M&As and partnership arrangements

Simba Resources represents mainly African countries, but also handles global minerals contracts, through a network of highly skilled individuals.

Simba Resources does not handle any financial transactions on behalf of Kundelungu Mines and is not authorised to sign any legal documentation on behalf of Kundelungu Mines. It is indemnified against any claims and legal proceedings arising from buyer-seller contracts.

Contact Simba Resources

info@simbaresourcesonline.com  I   www.simbaresourcesonline.com

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Partnership/Global Mandate
Gold                                          Diamonds                                     Copper Cathodes                                        Coltan                                                      Tanzanite